Our focus is to provide children with a welcoming learning, care, and supportive environment that promotes each child’s development.

Table of Contents

Pedagogy and Philosophy

In the infant room, every child is unique with different abilities, talents and time of development to shine in other areas of lifelong skills.


Our curriculum is based on child interests and cues when the curriculum experiences account for their interests, strengths, needs, and lived realities inspired by Reggio Emilia and Emergent curriculum.

Our moto

Our motto is play, play and play.

In the KENELC infant room, your child will spend all the energy playing and exploring new possibilities with lots of learning and fun.

We believe

Our positive framework supports the educator as a facilitator, the children as little explorers and families as partners in this journey. Everything is fulfilled with an environment that promotes belonging, engagement, expression, and well-being.


The sense of belonging starts on the first day the parent and the child arrive in the room, and we go together. We believe the day begins with a smile and a hug to feel belonging. Through respect and positive language, we build self-esteem and create a positive partnership with parents that reflects care for families and children with diverse backgrounds.


Children in the infant room can explore different learning opportunities throughout the day, such as gross motor, fine motor, art, sensory, cognitive, circle time and language and literacy. 

Each area is carefully planned according to the child’s cue, which collaborates and stimulates more curiosity about it, and through play, new skills and knowledge are acquired.


Children are unique, capable and naturally curious. Our role is to create different opportunities for children to explore their “100 languages” possibilities. Our room has plenty of different open-ended that help our little rockets in this journey. Your child will have the age-appropriate material, guidance, strategies and encouragement to fly. 

Well being

Your child’s safety and health are our priority. We guide every child to be independent with safety boundaries. In our room, we follow a routine that respects autonomy and self-care with hand washing, diaper change, a variety and quality of food and observing throughout the day any change.